useful userland ports for Darwin
... and even a little bit of original code

here are a few utilities I discovered either missing or needing enhancement in Darwin ... all of these tarballs include BSD-style makefiles, install their payload in /usr/local, and have BSD licenses, with the exception of a couple of files that may be covered by the Apple Public Source License.


update to the Darwin df binary with the latest NetBSD sources and the -h (human readable) switch added from OpenBSD and Finder-like precision
download, 9k .tar.gz
Darwin includes a df with -h as of 7.0 (OS X 10.3)


port of the OpenBSD du binary with the -h switch and Finder-like precision
download, 5k .tar.gz
Darwin includes a du with -h as of 7.0 (OS X 10.3)


simple text converter - dos2unix, dos2mac, unix2dos, unix2mac, mac2dos, mac2unix, any2unix
download for Darwin 5.x and below, 3k .tar.gz, or for Darwin 6 and up, 2k.tar.gz
any2unix by Spiros Evangelatos


port of OpenBSD md5, rmd160, and sha1 message digest utilities
download, 4k .tar.gz
get libmd from the gnu-darwin site
Darwin now includes an md5 utility and sha1 and rmd160 in openssl


port of OpenBSD's enhanced version of netcat
download for Darwin 5.x and below, 62k .tar.gz, Darwin 6, 59k .tar.gz, Darwin 7, 9.5k .tar.gz, or Darwin 8, 12k .tar.gz
Darwin now includes a less-functional version of netcat as of 7.0


port of OpenBSD's rup, ruptime, rusers, and rwall clients, historically missing from darwin
download, 75k .tar.gz


port of OpenBSD's traceroute utility, including command line switch to change protocol number
download for Darwin 5.x and below, 17k .tar.gz, Darwin 6, 15k .tar.gz, or Darwin 7, 15k .tar.gz


OpenBSD's whois utility with command line switches to change registry
download, 5k .tar.gz
Darwin 7.0 (OS X 10.3) includes a whois utility with the -h switch

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